Tasneem Bakri

Operations Coordinator, Alpin Limited

Tasneem Bakri

Operations Coordinator, Alpin Limited


Tasneem Bakri is an Operations Coordinator and a WELL Accredited Professional, with an Architectural
Engineering background and aspirations of becoming a leading voice in the local and international green
building community. Hoping to drive change both domestically (UAE) and internationally, she is looking
to help sustain the planet and environment, providing clear industry results and valuable research and
practical contributions. Her primary professional interest lies in the human factors of buildings and
sustainability, with especial focus on WELL principles, monitoring features of the built environment that
have direct impact upon human health and wellbeing. Contrary to popular approaches, Alpin and her work with key clients supports her methods to position building occupants over energy, tailoring and establishing a people-focused future for the green building sector.

Tasneem graduated with a BSc in Architectural Engineering from UAE University in 2017, before
transitioning to an MSc in the same discipline, gaining direct entry via a fast-track programme for
exceptional academic achievements. She is currently completing a thesis on health and wellbeing of
children in UAE schools, focusing on enhancing children’s development and productivity by identifying
biophilic design elements that are most effective and which suit the Hot Desert Climate conditions of the
UAE, further incorporating the natural environment in design. Her academic pursuits have directly fed into her professional interests, and these provide the grounding and knowledge which pave the way to a lasting and meaningful contribution to the industry.

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Panel: Breaking Barriers for a Seat at the Table and Overcoming Gender Inequality

19 Nov 2019
3:00 pm - 3:50 pm
Dubai World Trade Centre, Hall H